9 Small Cozy Bedroom You’ll Immediately Want to Hibernate In

The winter is coming, and you want to feel warm not just outside but also inside your heart. You know there is no better welcoming hibernation sanctuary than your small cozy bedroom.

The cozy way of life is now becoming one of the most popular aesthetic looks. The design is effortlessly blending with comfortable feel and functionality. So, go steal the ideas of small cozy bedroom interiors that we wrapped up for you and enjoy the winter with a warm heart.

1. The White Peach and Naturally Green

The white wall well blends with the peach accent. These accents have warmed the room just like in the spring. You can put peach accent everywhere in your room, such as the peach stripes for your blanket, peach pillows, or peach ornament for your wall.

Spring will never be completed as well without the swing. The swing in the room corner serves as a perfect place to sit relax while reading a book or just watching the scenery from the window. Make sure to bring green as well in the interiors. The plants and green pattern on your carpet will naturally bring the joy of spring to your small cozy bedroom.

source: Pinterest

2. The Window Scenery

Imagine waking up in the morning to the ray of sunshine and the surrounding scenery through your window. This Scandinavian cozy bedroom is perfect to welcome the new day. The combination of the white wall and dark bed sheet gives a warm glow to your room. Extra pillow and blanket during the winter will keep you warm all night.

source: Pinterest

3. The Perfect Shelf Above Bed

A small bedroom doesn’t mean that you have less stuff. All you need to do is expand your creativity in order to put everything nicely. Expand the storage in your room by putting flying shelf above your bed. And there you go, everything is organized now. You can find your stuff easily in your small cozy bedroom.

source: Pinterest

4. Warm Candle for your Artistic Small Cozy Bedroom

This artistic small cozy bedroom with aromatic scent definitely will boost your mood during the winter. You may put an aromatic candle beside the bed to help you have a good sleep. You can hang your favourite photograph or beautiful painting on the wall above the bed to create an artistic ambiance. Despite the winter, surely your room will never be gloomy.

source: Pinterest

5. The Dream Catcher Bedroom

After an exhausting day, this dream catcher room definitely will urge you to crawl to the bed as soon as possible. Hang the dream catcher near the window to make sure all the good dream is coming exactly to you. Make sure the curtain is nicely blending with your pillows pattern. You can add extra space by adding layering space on the wall. A photograph beside the bed will boldly sign that this room belongs to you.

source: Pinterest

6. The Heavenly Garden

The winter surely cannot steal the spring from your room. Extra plantation inside the room will make you feel in the heavenly garden all the time, not to mention a heavenly fresh air as a bonus. You might want to fill the bed with large pillows and warm blanket to make your room even cozier. Even your dog will not share the cozy bed with you.

source: Pinterest

7. The Bright Room

Here, the bright coloured pillows go along  nicely with the striped blanket. The room even looks more vibrant with the green plantations above the bed and near the windows. Surely the plants receive enough sunlight during the winter, as well as gives a natural feel in the room. So, who says you cannot have urban farming in your cozy small bedroom?

source: Pinterest

8. The Grey Minimalist

The room shows us that simplicity goes well with grey. We find grey as a masculine tone for the room, clean and quite firm to beat the winter. You may also want to steal the ideas of the futuristic furniture in the picture. You can combine the drawer with your bed and the wardrobe for the sake of space efficiency. So, are you ready to become the grey minimalist?

source: Pinterest

9. The Goodreads Bedroom

Your room will be the best sanctuary for you to enjoy dozens of good books during this winter. The flying bookshelf with dramatic LED lamp will create a suitable light condition for hanging around with the books. And look at the beautiful fabrics covering the pillows. The combinations of batik and satin with different patterns has significantly added the coziness of your room. You might also to put sequins on your satin pillows to refract warm light to your room during the winter.

source: Pinterest

Which small cozy bedroom design falls better for you? Have you picked any idea for your small cozy bedroom after sneaking out our pictures? Please let us know in the comment section!

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