How to Choose The Right Living Room Flooring

More often than not, your living room is the first thing that visitors see when going to your
house. It’s the first room that invites them and it is also where they will be lounging while you
prepare food or drinks. Because of this, you want to make your living room look nice and

When it comes to designing living rooms, there is no overdoing it. It’s either you design it well
or not at all. The first step towards getting things right in this room is to figure out what kind of
floor you want to have.

Why Living Room Floors Make an Impact

Apart from the walls, your floor is the largest part of the inside of your house. Needless to say,
it’s also the biggest part of any living room. The way your floor is designed has a huge impact on
the theme and color scheme for the whole room.

For example, if you choose a hardwood floor, then you have to go for lighter colors of furniture
and accessories. If you prefer carpets, then you should incorporate cozy elements into the living
room. Aside from the furniture and the color scheme, the type of floor you have in the living
room determines how long it will last and the kind of atmosphere it provides.

Concrete flooring is one of the most durable types of floors simply because it’s hard and thick.
Unlike tiles that break, concrete floors can be coated using epoxy to have additional protection
from dents and cracks. For better durability and resistance to damage, you can choose to have
epoxy floors instead. These are cement-like floors that are mixed with resin. What’s good about
this is that you are not limited to a shade of gray. There are different colors that you can choose
from and the sky’s the limit in picking one for your living room.

Living Room Floor Ideas

1. The Basic Hardwood

You can never go wrong with hardwood. Hardwood comes in different colors – light, dark, and
everything in between.

This type of flooring is a favorite among homeowners because of its durability and its wide
array of colors that can match any type of color scheme you have for your living room.
Hardwood floors also go well with carpets if you plan to have Mediterranean-inspired rooms. A
deep-colored hardwood floor can also be a good choice for rustic homes with fireplaces.

2. Details on the Tiles

Most people stick with plain tiles because it allows them to be more creative with the walls and
furniture. However, having unique tiles adds character to your whole living room. The tiles do
not have to have bold colors. In fact, you can stick with rustic tiles like brick or marble-like tiles.
The only kind of tile that you want to avoid are white tiles because they make a living room
floor look like a bathroom.

3. Industrial Cement Flooring

Industrial floors create an artistic look for any type of room. Ironically, it also makes a place look
more modern even if the Industrial Revolution took place in the 18th century.

If you plan on having concrete floors instead of tiles, you can choose from a wide selection of
hues and sealants to make your floor look more inviting and less dull. At the same time,
sealants can add shine to your concrete floor.

4. Layer with Rugs

Some people think that rugs and carpets make a place look smaller and bulkier. However, it
doesn’t have to be this way because it all depends on the design of the rug. For a cozy feeling,
you can choose to have wall-to-wall carpets or have a rug beneath your main table in the living
room. To make cleaning less of a hassle for you, use rugs that are not fluffy. There are flat rugs
which are easy to clean and this might be the best option for a neater living room space.

There are so many ways to design a living room floor and you are not limited to the floorings
mentioned above. To know more about choosing the right floor to meet your aesthetic, you can
consult with an interior designer regarding how it will fit your chosen theme.

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