12 Cozy Nook Decoration Ideas Where You Can Hibernate Here!

Winter is coming; it means that the holiday season is coming as well. If you don’t have any vacation plans, you might want to consider creating a cozy nook inside your house. After all, when the weather is too cold, the most comforting thing to do is snuggle in your favorite cozy nook with a cup of tea or a mug of hot cocoa. You can enjoy the time as well by reading a book or make a year reflection while watching the falling snow. Check these twelve cozy nook decoration ideas for you to hibernate during the winter.

1. Your Corner Reading Nook

A place near the big window is the most comfortable place to hibernate and read a book. Set your own corner reading nook by placing a comfortable couch from wood near the window. It will be great if the couch can also function as a book self. You can put your favorite flower near the couch to make your cozy reading nook looks more beautiful. Don’t forget to put an extra reading lamp near the couch.


2. Day Dream Sleeping Corner

Big window and a comfortable sofa bed will be a great match for daydreaming during the winter. These cozy nook decoration ideas also suitable as well for you who love to read on a sofa bed. Make sure you put a lot of puffy pillows to support your back.


3. Middle East Relaxing Corner

Try the middle east decoration for your cozy sleeping nook. All you need to do is put double curtain around a single bed placed on the floor. Make sure you use warm colors when you paint your middle east relaxing corner.


4. Book Corner between the Window and the Living Room.

If you have a small space between the window and hallway, why don’t you use it as your cozy book corner? You can create a bookshelf on the left and the right side of the window. Don’t forget to put a comfortable foam mattress above the bookshelf.


5. Cozy Nook Under the Ladder.

Try this cozy nook decoration ideas if you have some space under the ladder. Create a bookshelf and drawer under the ladder and put a comfortable foam mattress with fluffy cushions above the drawers. You may need an extra lamp to help you read better.


6. A Comfortable Feathering Attic

You may need to consider other places to keep your unused belonging since the attic is occupied with a feather carpet and fluffy pillows. The space by the big windows of the attic is a perfect place for you to enjoy the afternoon and take a picture of the beautiful scenery.


7. Sleeping Nook between the Small Spaces

You can turn the small space near your window into a reading corner, but you may want to try this cozy nook decoration ideas as well. You can put a sofa bed in front of your window and decorate the wall with painting or activity board. The colorful LED lamp will also lead the sleeping nook into the best spot in the house.


8. The Most Favorite Nook to Read a Book

Have we told you that you could build a giant bookshelf in your window corner? Try this cozy nook decoration ideas in your house. You might want to build couches between the book self to read your book


9. Nothing Better than The Woody Mini Library in The Corner

Good news! You can build your own mini library in the corner of your house. Experiment with wooden materials to build your bookshelf and small drawer close to the floor. A single foam mattress above the drawer will make it complete.


10. Best Escaping Nook, The Ceiling

The ceiling will be the best place to peep on your neighbors as well as the best escaping nook from your daily routines. You can build a bookshelf on the wall and put an extra mattress above the drawer to enjoy the scenery and read your favorite book.


11. The Minimalist Window Nook

This cozy nook is the best place to have a chit-chat and gossiping with your family or neighbors. All you need is a comfortable mattress and fluffy cushions. You can decorate the wall by putting layering shelf and your family picture.


12. An Instagram-able Cozy Nook

People love to take a picture of themselves in their favorite place. So, why don’t you take a selfie in your cozy nook inside the house? Try this cozy nook decoration ideas. The wood material that frames your cozy nook will be a plus for your selfie picture. Don’t forget to match the curtain pattern and the cushions case. Say, cheese!


Cozy nooks are great to enjoy a lazy day during any season of the year. What about you? Tell us your favorite thing to do in the nook. Leave a story of you and your favorite nook in our comment section.

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