9 Cozy Bohemian Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Bohemian decor always screams for a comfortable and cozy ambiance. This design never allows you to take a rush. All you need to do with bohemian ambiance is just sit and relax. The bohemian cozy bedroom will soothe the day and color the winter. Try the ideas of these nine bohemian cozy bedrooms to warm your winter.

1. The Green Boho Room

If you want to combine green scenery with boho ambiance, try to change your bed sheet and your pillowcase with black and white boho pattern to maximize the green accent. Also, you can put your plants above the bed to give fresh air during the winter.


2. The Boho Spring Bedroom

If you are longing for spring during the winter, why don’t you bring the spring to your bohemian cozy bedroom? All you need to do is take some small plants from your backyard and bring them to your room. Another major thing that you can change is the bed sheet, the blanket, and the pillowcase. You can use a colorful pattern for your bed sheet and pillowcase. The pattern doesn’t need to match with each other.


3. Black and White Bohemian Cozy Bedroom

Who says that black and white makes your day gloomy during the winter? As a matter, in fact, you can create a beautiful bohemian cozy bedroom with the black and white accent. The black and white will be a great match for vintage furniture and fringe decoration. You can use frilly fabrics to put on the wall. The asymmetric pattern of bohemian carpet will make your room look more outstanding. You might want to consider to put white valance surround your bed to have more dramatic boho ambiance.


4. Floral Boho Look for Your Cozy Bedroom

So, you need to change the interior of your room. Why don’t you try this floral bohemian cozy bedroom design? Having the wall to painted in black will create a dramatic effect for your room. The wall will perfectly frame the boho ambiance in your room. You can experiment using a colorful floral pattern for your bed sheet, blanket, pillowcase, carpet, and your curtain. You may use ethnics gallows to create a light pattern for your room. An extra flying shelf above your bed will perfectly fit in the interior.


5. India’s Boho Bedroom

So, the only thing you have is saris from India, but you want to redesign your room to have boho look with minimum budget. No need to worry, a piece of sari is enough to change the look of your room. You can use your sari as a valance for your bed. You may try as well to use the sari as a door to enter your bed area. The bohemian cozy bedroom will be yours forever.


6. The Ethnic Bohemian Room

You can create a boho ambiance with your ethnic fabrics. Just put the fabric on the wall above your bed, and there you go, the boho look now is yours. You might want to consider replacing the pillow cases and the blanket with a colorful pattern as well.


7. Red, White, and Black Boho Look

A simple thing that you can try in order to have boho look in your bedroom is by changing your carpet into an outstanding red boho pattern. The red-carpet pattern will spark your room during the winter. Another detail that you can try is giving color to your bed using asymmetric boho pattern. You can use it as your blanket or bed accessories.


8. Knitting, Perfectly Fit for Boho Looks

Looking for something different with the boho looks of your bedroom?  If you have a knitted blanket, you already solve the problem. Use your blanket to bring the boho ambiance. You may want to consider to put a painting that makes your room more artistic. After all, that’s what bohemian cozy bedroom, an art room for you who enjoy arts and free life.


9. Boho People Loves to Have Plantation Inside Their Room

Another thing that you can do to bring bohemian cozy bedroom ambiance during the winter is put plants inside your room. Boho style is close to nature, therefore bohemian people love to put natural aspect into the design. You can choose the small plant with flowers from your backyard. But if you don’t have it, small plants without flower will do great as well.


Bohemian style is suitable for people that don’t like rules and have a free spirit. They love to mix ethnics style with colorful pattern, and also vintage looks to bring out a new and fresh style. So, welcome to the bohemian world. May you enjoy the fresh look of your bohemian cozy bedroom.

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